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General Info:
Ultimate Bullseye 2 is the newest revision of the popular game Ultimate Bullseye. You need a score of 100+ to get the avatar, and after reading this guide you should have no trouble achieving it.

The object of Ultimate Bullseye 2 is to shoot at targets with your giant ballista. The goal is to hit the bullseye as much as you can, but of course that isn't as easy as it sounds. The target changes position every round, so you must be accurate!

How to play:
To play, you only need the arrow keys and the space bar. The arrow keys allow your cleverly titled "sharp-shooting Turtum" to aim (up and down), and the space bar decides how much power you want to add to your shot. The longer you hold the space bar down, the more powerful your shot will be. If you hold the space bar down the power will rise to its maximum potential, and then start over. It will not shoot until you let go of the space bar.
Turtum and Ballista
Power Meter
Power Meter Filling Up

You have 10 rounds to score as many points as you can. If you hit a bullseye, you get 10 points and a power-up. If you hit the bullseye in your last round, you will also get three extra rounds (though this only works once). The ring outside of the bullseye is worth 5 points. The ring outside of that is worth 3 points, and the ring outside of that is worth 2. Finally, the ring outside of that is worth 1. Hitting anywhere outside of the rings earns you 0 points. Here's a screenshot to help you understand.

That isn't the only way points can be made. Occasionally balloons will descend from the sky, one red and one yellow. Just hitting a red one earns you 5 points. Hitting a yellow one earns you 10 points. When these balloons come down is completely random. There will be games you'll see many balloons, and many games you don't see any. If you hit a balloon and manage to still hit any rings on the target you get another 25 points, thus giving you 30 (red balloon) or 35 (yellow balloon) points total. Then add those 30 or 35 points plus the ring you landed in. Assuming you have no power-ups (discussed later) and the shot is actually capable of being made, you could theoretically score 40 points every time a red balloon shows up (Hitting Balloon +5, Landing on one of the target's rings +25, and hitting a bullseye +10). You could score up to 45 points if it was a yellow balloon. Unfortunately, sometimes it's literally impossible to hit a bullseye and the balloon at the same time. Importance always goes to the balloon. Whenever you see a balloon on any round you should try to hit it, and land on the target (any ring). Don't get distracted with bullseyes, hitting a balloon and landing on the target it is worth more than a bullseye, and it's easier to do with practice (more on this is explained in the tips section). Both of the balloons (red and yellow) could descend down on the same turn. That is a minimum of 66 points if you hit both of them and land on the target. If you hit a bullseye too, you could essentially score 75 in one turn.
Red Balloon
Yellow Balloon

Punchbag Bob will also occasionally appear. He takes the place of the target, and always has an apple on his head. Hitting the apple gives you 20 points, and hitting anywhere else on his body gives you 5. If you hit the apple it's treated like a bullseye, and a power-up is earned. You can never use a power-up while shooting at Punchbag Bob. A combination of hitting a balloon and the apple, will give you even more bonus points.

Punchbag Bob

There are 5 power-ups that you can get in Ultimate Bullseye 2. They are: Bouncing Bull, Moving Target, Fire Hoop, Three Shots and Inverted Target.
Bouncing Bull
Fire Hoop
Moving Target
Three Shots
Inverted Target

Bouncing Bull - The target changes it's size from bigger to smaller in pattern. Obviously, when the target is bigger you have a better chance of hitting it, so the difficulty comes in deciding when you should start your shot. If you just hit the target (any ring) you will get another power-up, so this is overall a good power-up.

Bouncing Bull Power-Up (slower in game)

Moving Target - The target will move from left to right in pattern. This gives you more freedom to decide how you want to make your shot. If you feel more comfortable with long range shots, wait for it to move to the right. Are short-range shots more your cup of tea? Then you must wait for it to move left! Like the Bouncing Bull power-up, if you land on the target (any ring) you'll get another power-up. Unfortunately, your power up bar is a little quicker to fill up, and it can really throw you off if you're not used to it. Since you can never really get used to the speed change, this power-up is the worst among the 5. If you do get stuck with this power-up, however, there is a way to help you adjust. As mentioned above, if you hold the space bar down your power meter will fill up to the maximium, then start back at 0 power and fill up again. Doing this will allow you to adjust to the increased speed, and help you make a better shot. Remember, you always have the option of not using power-ups, too. If you don't like the Moving Target power-up, don't use it! Use the power-ups you like the best!

Moving Target Power-Up

Fire Hoop - This will cause a hoop to appear in between the target and you. Shooting your arrow through it will allow for double the points of whatever you'd normally get. So if you shot through the fire hoop and landed on a bullseye, you'd get 20 points, rather than 10. If you get a balloon when using this power-up you can score a lot of points. The only downfall is that sometimes the balloon will be too high and you won't be able to go through the fire hoop and hit it. If this happens it is recommended that you go for the balloon by itself, since it's worth more no matter what. You must hit the bullseye to get another power-up. Hitting the 5 point ring and getting 10 points doesn't cut it in the new version.

Fire Hoop Power-Up

Three Shots - You get 3 arrows instead of 1. One shoots high, one shoots low, and one shoots in the middle. If multiple arrows land on any of the rings you get those points tallied together. So if 1 lands on a bullseye and the other on the ring outside it, you'd get 15 points. This can also be helpful when there is a balloon to aim at. Since you have 3 arrows, it's almost impossible not to hit the target at least once. With 3 arrows you are almost guaranteed to hit the balloon also, so really there's no aiming required when you have the Three Shots power-up and a balloon. This is the best power-up to combine with others, which will be explained later. You must hit the bullseye to get another power-up.

Three Shots Power-Up

Inverted Target - The target's point system becomes inverted (and turns blue). The bullseye is now worth 0 points, and the wood-area outside of the actual target is worth 10. The screenshot below helps explain this. This is a really helpful power-up since the bullseye has a much bigger target area you're more likely to hit it. This power-up gives you the best chance to hit a bullseye, thus giving you the best chance to rack up power-ups.

Inverted Target Power-Up

As mentioned, you can also combine power-ups, which can be very helpful. Combining Three Shots with the Inverted Target power-up can give you a total of 30 points. Combining Three Shots with the Fire Hoop power-up can also be great, since you don't have to worry about going through the fire hoop as much (you have 3 shots). You can combine as many power-ups as you like, but you can't use multiple of the same power-up obviously.

Remember that balloons are completely random. There's no way of knowing when to use a powerup if you're wanting a balloon to come down on the same turn. A good rule of thumb is to use your powerup before your 5th shot. Since multiple balloons can appear in each game you play, you shouldn't hold on to a powerup for very long. Always assume that multiple balloons will appear in every game you play. If you have more than one powerup, use one before your 5th shot, and one after your 5th shot. Stacking them is tempting also, remember that how you use powerups is completely a personal choice. Keep in mind that balloons are random, though.

1. Aim high, shoot soft.
Aiming can be really simple. As a general rule, you should always aim a little above wherever the target is to account for distance (remember you're shooting an arrow, not a bullet!). Your power meter should almost never be more than half full during any shot unless the target is really, really far away. When the target is really close your power meter should only be around 1/3 full. Look at aiming like an equation. The further away, the more you aim higher and add more power. The closer the target is, the more your aim should be lowered (still above where the target actually is though) and you should use less power. As always, practice makes perfect!

2. Fire hoops pwn!
As far as power-ups go, the Fire Hoop is the best. For anyone wanting a trophy score, the only way to really accomplish it is with the Fire Hoop power-up. It was mentioned above that you can get 2 balloons on the same turn (yellow and red). Hitting both of them and landing on the target gets you 65 points. If you shot through a fire hoop and still hit both balloons while landing on the target you'd have a minimum of 130 bonus points. Add that onto whatever ring you hit x2, and you could score 150 points in one turn total (65 for hitting both balloons, 10 for hitting a bullseye, then x2 for going through the fire hoop = 150). That's 50 more points than what's required to get the avatar, making the Fire Hoop power-up the best by far.

3. Don't get stack-happy.
Stacking multiple power-ups can be a good thing, as well as a bad thing. Often times when there are lots of things going on (power-ups, balloons) your power meter will fill up faster, similar to what happens during the Moving Target power-up. As mentioned, this is very hard to adjust to. Making a good shot when things are sped up is quite difficult, and will often times result in you missing the whole target. Consider this when thinking about combining power-ups.

Game Codes:
There is a cheat for Ultimate Bullseye 2. Type in: 'catapult' to receive a power-up. Which one you get is random, so at the start of each game you should type it in. If you don't get the one you want just restart until you do.

Ultimate Bullseye 2 also has an avatar for you to collect.

Score 100 or more points at Ultimate Bullseye 2.

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