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General Info
Yooyuball is a game in which many teams, from different lands of neopia, battle it out to win the coveted Altador Cup. You will play as one of these teams, fighting every other team in the tournament. You will be part of a team, with every other supporter of your chosen team working with you.

How to play
To play this game, you use your mouse to select the player. You can use the 'a' and 'd' keys or the left and right keys to toggle players, but it is much easier to use the mouse to select. Do this by hovering over the player. When you move your mouse, the player will follow it, meaning that the player will go whereever your mouse ends up.

Sometimes the players will start to crowd around in one place. This is not a good thing, as it can stop your remaining players from getting through. If they do start to get in the way, press shift on your keyboard to get them back to their starting positions. It looks like 'up' on the game's instructons, but it is shift.

You can also skip the goal celebration and the yooyu entry screens by pressing space, this will speed up your games allowing you to play more! It does, however, subtract the skipped time from the game clock and you won't have as much time to adjust to which yooyu is next. Your choice. ;)

Types of yooyu
Through the game, you will see seven types of yooyu (the ball). These have different effects the game.

Normal yooyu This yooyu behaves exactly how you would expect it to. No funny lines, no special speeds, no surprises. Not much to say about this one really.
Fire Yooyu The instructions in the game say that this yooyu must be passed around quickly. There's no need for this. This is probably the easiest yooyu to score with. It moves quickly, making it easier for you to avoid the goalkeeper. This means that you can shoot from further away, with a better chance at scoring the goal.
Snow Yooyu This yooyu can become difficult score with. It moves really slowly, and can stop before it reaches the desired location. The fact that it moves slowly can mean that the goalkeeper has more time to react, catching the yooyu. You may have to get closer to the goal before you shoot.
Faerie Yooyu This is a yooyu that arcs as it travels. This can make it difficult to score with. However, this is actually one of the easier yooyus. It just takes a bit of practice.
Darigan Yooyu One of the worst yooyus on the game. This yooyu goes in the exact opposite direction to the way you shoot.
Mutant Yooyu This is another misbehaving yooyu. It behaves like either fire, snow, faerie or darigan yooyus. And just because it starts off acting like one yooyu, don't believe that it will stay acting like that.
Clockwork Yooyu This yooyu behaves much like a normal yooyu, but it explodes after a short period of time. You should try and score with it as quickly as possible. The clockwork yooyu can also go slower than the standard yooyu.

As you work through your matches, you will notice 3 team formations for you and your opponents. These will be 3+1, 1+3, and 2+2. 3+1 has 3 defenders and one attacker, 1+3 has 1 defender and 3 attackers, and 2+2 has 2 of each. This is what you will see on the game screen:

There will be more information on what formation to pick later in the guide.

The formation that your team picks is dependent on what their default formation is. You can see them by clicking here, clicking on the team that you are currently playing, and looking at their default formation, underneath the picture of the team.

You will see that there are two directions that you can play in, at this screen:

It is recommended that you play from right to left.

The 3+1 and 1+3 formations are quite similar, so they are grouped together. The 2+2 formation requires a completely different strategy, so that will be addressed on its own.

Strategy for opponents using 1+3 and 3+1

As mentioned above, there are many different types of yooyu. Luckily, all of them, with the exception of the faerie and darigan yooyus, require similar strategies.

Normal, Snow, Fire, Mutant and Clockwork yooyus

For these five yooyus, you can use the same strategy. The ones that may take a couple of attempts are the snow yooyus and mutant yooyus. Just go back, and follow the same path again.

Against these formations, it's imperative that you get to the yooyu before your opponent. You then need to weave between the middle players, ending up above the goal. Then click where indicated by the blue circle, and it should get in.

Simple enough, right? Just make sure that the goalkeeper is in the position when you shoot. If he's not, move slightly up or down so that he is.

You've learnt to deal with all yooyuballs aside from the faerie and darigan yooyus. Time to learn about the faerie yooyu.

Faerie Yooyu

Above it was stated that this is one of the easier yooyuballs. Well it is. Just not in these formations. You have to let the opposing team get the yooyu ball first. They will attempt to pass it, and it will end up here:

You then need to pick up the ball, and distract the players in the middle. Once you have got them out of the way, you need to go where the middle defender was, and then run towards the goalkeeper. You should be around the second goal line when you shoot. It might not go in the first time. If it doesn't, go around, and try again.

The goalkeeper needs to be here when you shoot. If he's not, just adjust your position slightly:

The yooyu should go in the goal first time, but if it doesn't, it's time to go around, distract the middle players again, and repeat the action.

Darigan Yooyu

This yooyu can be very difficult to score with. As stated above, it goes in the opposite direction to which you shoot. There is a way around this. You need to weave in between the players, as shown, and then click right between the bottom goal post and the wall. The yooyu should go upwards instead of downwards, and end up going above the goalkeeper, into the top corner:

The yooyuball should slot in above the goalkeeper. You need to shoot when he is about here:

This gives him less time to react, as he thinks that you are going to shoot below him.

Strategy for opponents using 2+2

This is definately the easiest formation to score against. Again, the strategy for all yooyus aside from the faerie and darigan yooyus are similar, so they'll be addressed in the same way. For this formation, you need to use the 1+3 formation.

Normal, Snow, Fire, Mutant and Clockwork yooyus

The ones that may take a couple of attempts are snow, and mutant. If you don't get the yooyu into the goal, just go back and try again.
First of all, you need to get to the yooyu first. You then need to run towards the goal, and click where inticated on the picture. For the snow yooyu, you may have to get a bit closer to the goalkeeper. But not too close, otherwise he'll catch it straigt away.

Again, it should go in straight away, if the goalkeeper is where indicated on the next picture. If it doesn't go straight in, catch the yooyu, and go down the middle again.

Simple enough right? The faerie yooyu is even simpler to score with.

Faerie Yooyu

This is the easiest yooyu to score with against this formation. This yooyu is feared by many players because it arcs mid-shot. The way to get it in? Arc it around the goalkeeper.
You need to get to the yooyu first, and run straight towards the goal keeper, and click behind him, where indicated:

It is that simple. Run straight, get quite close to the second goal line, and shoot.
The goalkeeper should be here:

Darigan Yooyu

This is a relatively easy shot. You need to pick up the ball, and head straight down the middle of the field towards the goalkeeper. You then need to click right between the goal post and the wall next to it, like so:

It should then go upwards, into the upper corner of the goal. The goalkeeper should be stood here when you make the shot:

You can also get an avatar by playing Yooyuball (or any of the other Altador Cup games).

Altador Cup Player

Become a Rank 1 player in the Altador Cup. This can be achieved through 50 wins in Yooyuball, or a combination of Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. The avatar was first released during Altador Cup III.

SunnyNeo Tip: Use our Rank Calculator to see how many games you need to play to get the avatar.

Altαdor Cup Stαr
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